Plant Hack for Blue Monday

Plant Hack for Blue Monday

The most depressing day of the year is quickly approaching us. Many of us have heard about Blue Monday, which is the third Monday in January and has earned the title of “Blue Monday”, the most depressing day of the year. By the time Blue Monday hits, the nights are long and cold, we have bills from the holidays coming in, a few broken resolutions already, and we are spending a whole lot of time indoors away from nature. If you are feeling the winter blues and are tired of looking out the window at the grey days of winter, let me share with you how plants can help you beat this joyless time!


Many studies have shown that plants have immense benefits to our mood and health. To start off, plants are a great tool to improve air quality. During winter, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors to escape the cold. By doing this we are limiting our exposure to fresh air. Plants are the perfect way to make up for this as they take in our carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen! Plants have also been proven to remove other toxins from our air coming from everyday items in our home, such as cleaning supplies, paints, plastics, aerosols, and even paper towels. Getting rid of these toxins benefits our cognitive performance. Exposing ourselves to clean air helps to increase our attention, reduces anxiety, and overall increases our energy. Imagine how much more we could accomplish, if we brought a little bit of nature indoors, specifically during these winter days!


These are all benefits from just physically having plants around you. If you throw in the effects of caring for such plants, the list goes on! As humans it is natural for us to want to take care of something. Being responsible for the nurturing of these plants gives you a sense of fulfilment and increases positive emotions. Imagine being able to physically see your efforts turn into growth! Plant care also provides you with the perfect break from life. We are used to living such fast paced lives and always being stimulated, being forced to take a few minutes out of the week to water your plants, and disconnect is just the distraction your brain needs to refresh.


These are a few of the many benefits that plants can bring us to help us combat Blue Monday and the winter blues. It is just a fact that people feel better around plants!

Do you want a boost this January, time to bring in some plants!


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