Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling to find gift ideas for that plant person in your life who already has all of the plants?

We have put together this gift guide with THAT plant person in mind! No plants, just a little bit of plant themed everything.


These plant keychains are the perfect way to bring some plant love with you everywhere you go! Shop our selection of plant keychains to find the perfect one.



These are not just any shirts, these are the ultimate plant parent shirts! Our collection of shirts scream PLANTS, and we all know how much plant people love to talk about their plants. 

Punny Planters

Who does not love a good plant pun? With these planters not only would the plant lover in your life have an excuse to go out and buy a new plant, but they would also have a good chuckle every time they water their plants.


You can never go wrong with a good tote. I can personally vouch for how hardy these totes are! I carry my laptop, water bottle, lunch, books, keys, and iPad in it every day and the straps have not shown any tear at all.



The perfect winter activity! Plant people already love to stay home with their plants, what better than to sit at home with their plants all while building a plant puzzle? 



Gift Card

Still feeling stuck as to what to get? Why not gift the gift of choice with a Planted Souls gift card! Let them choose their perfect gift. Whether it be yet another plant, a fun planter, or a plant themed accessory! 

PS. This also gives them the perfect excuse to go into a plant shop. 

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