A Little About Us...

Hello there! My name is Maria, and I am the founder of Planted Souls.

I always know I’ve met “my kind of person” when I tell them I’m a ​plant enthusiast​ and their eyes light up like they just won the lottery.

Fortunately for me, just by being on this site, I know you’re “my kind of person". Therefore I am sure you will love my incredibly gorgeous planters, pots and plant related items.

Planted Souls was built solely based on my love of finding the perfect items to show-off my beautiful plants. A lifelong passion for nature and plants has turned Planted Souls​ into a community where we love to share our favorite designs, products and items that will certainly make any plant lover smile.

As a small business owner, early childhood educator, and mom of 2 tiny humans living in Mississauga, I thrive on helping spread the joy that plants and nature can truly provide to a space to enhance people’s lives. From my classroom to my home, I always make sure there is something growing.

When I first started growing plants, I was nervous that there was no way I could ​possibly​ keep them alive - let alone actually help them grow. Fast forward to today: I am the proud ​plant parent​ of over 30 plants that are not only alive and growing, but ​thriving.​ I attribute this to my willingness to learn, love for nature and realization that a good pot or planter really helps you appreciate and take care of your plants.

Thank you for visiting P​lanted Souls.​ We hope you find the perfect item to help continue or grow your interest in plants.

May your life and your plants be full and happy and never droopy or wilty!

~ Maria

Happy shopping fellow plant parents!