A little About Me...

Hello there! My name is Maria, and I am the passionate founder of Planted Souls.

My deep love for plants and desire to share their benefits with others led me to start this venture. This passion for plants, coupled with my background as an early childhood educator, inspired me to create Planted Souls. My goal is to cultivate a deeper connection between people and nature by spreading the joy of plants far and wide. Through education, inspiration, and innovative solutions, I aim to inspire individuals and communities to embrace the transformative power of plants.

At Planted Souls, I specialize in creating captivating and sustainable spaces using plants. We provide services such as plant installations, botanical decor, and plant experiences that bring nature indoors to create unforgettable moments. My personalized plant consultations help clients successfully introduce and maintain vibrant indoor jungles, fostering a deep connection with nature and offering a tranquil escape from busy lives. Through our Plant Experience Studio, I bring fun and educational plant experiences directly to my clients.

My dedication to my work is evident in every aspect of Planted Souls. It's more than a business; it's a passion project aimed at transforming spaces and lives. I believe in the transformative power of plants and envision a world where their beauty and benefits are appreciated by all.

I invite you to join me on this green journey and let me bring some greenery into your life!

Life is short, buy the plants

~ Maria