December's Plant of the Month, The Christmas Cactus!

December's Plant of the Month, The Christmas Cactus!


'Tis the season to embrace the magic of plants that beautifully echo the holiday spirit, and for December, our Plant of the Month is none other than the enchanting Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera). Let’s dive into the wonder of this winter succulent that transforms your space into a holiday haven with its vibrant blooms and cool charm.

Christmas Cactus Bloom- Pink

Discovering the Christmas Cactus: 

Hailing from the cloud forests of Brazil, the Christmas Cactus is a unique succulent that defies its cactus label. Instead of the arid deserts, it thrives in the cooler temperatures, making it an ideal companion for the winter months.

The Christmas Cactus is famous for its show-stopping tubular flowers that bloom in an array of festive hues, from traditional reds and pinks to snowy whites and lavender tones. These blossoms gracefully dangle from arching stems, creating a cascade of holiday charm that's hard to resist.

Unlike its sun-loving desert cousins, the Christmas Cactus appreciates cooler conditions. It's a perfect addition to indoor spaces during the winter, gracing homes with a pop of colour!

Caring for Your Christmas Cactus: 

  • Place your Christmas Cactus in bright, indirect light, steering clear of harsh, direct sunlight. This will encourage those vibrant blooms to take center stage.
  • Maintain a cooler environment for your Christmas Cactus, ideally between 60-70°F (15-21°C). This helps in bud formation and enhances the longevity of those festive flowers.
  • Keep the soil consistently moist, but be cautious not to overwater. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before reaching for the watering can.
  • Treat your Christmas Cactus to a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks, ensuring it has the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Red Christm as Cactus

Fun Fact: Despite its name, the Christmas Cactus isn’t a true cactus; it's part of the epiphytic cacti group, which means it naturally grows on other plants or surfaces, not in the soil.


Thank you for being a cherished part of our growing plant community. May your December be filled with the warmth of holiday traditions and the beauty of blooming Christmas Cacti. If you have any questions or need care advice, feel free to reach out.

Wishing you a joyful and green holiday season!

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I fully agree. Often times, people lose interest when they aren’t in bloom, often abandoning them just before they showcase their beautiful flowers!


Be so quick to give up on it and un necessarily throw it in the trash.

Jean m. Ulmer

I think it is sweet to pay an arrival homage to the very attractive Christmas cactus. Maybe people won’t be so quick to give up on the plant, resulting in hopefully far

Jean m. Ulmer

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