Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

“This *macrame workshop* would be an amazing team building experience”

- Anon Macrame Night Attendant

“Wow this was so fun! I was able to follow along and get help along the way when I struggled! Everyone should try out this workshop!”

- Sarah Scheepstra

Pick a Theme & Package to Book!

  • Sand Terrarium:

    • One 4-5’ plant out of a prepared assortment
    • One 5’ planter
    • 100% cotton cord for project
    • 1 on 1 help with an experienced Macrame Seller
  • DIY Moss Frame:

    • One 7’x4’, frame
    • Craft chicken wire
    • Moss
    • Assortment of succulents to freely pick from
    • Planted Souls’ Soil Mix