Looking to enrich your camp experience?

Immerse your campers in the enchanting world of nature with our interactive workshops. From the artistry of terrarium planting to the creativity of moss frame crafting wreath, and more our sessions are designed to spark curiosity and foster a deep connection with the environment.

  • Benefits for your Camp:

    • Unique and Educational Programming

    • Enhance Camper’s Connection with Nature

    • Memorable and Inclusive Experience for All Participants

    • Cultivate Lifelong Journey of Growth

  • Our Workshop Offerings:

    • Terrarium Planting

    • Moss Frame Crafting

    • Wreath Making

    • Plant Care Basics and more!

  • How Does it Work?

    1. Select the type of workshop

    and dates.

    2. Confirm the number of participants and location.

    3. Let us take care of the rest!

At Planted Souls, we believe in crafting moments that grow into cherished memories. Our workshops cater to all ages and abilities, ensuring every participant can embark on the journey of nurturing their own plant friend.

Are you ready to infuse your camp with the magic of nature?

Get started now and let us customize our workshops to suit the unique interests and preferences of your campers!