Meet February's Plant Crush, the Hoya Kerri

Meet February's Plant Crush, the Hoya Kerri

Hey Plant Peeps!

Guess who's stealing the spotlight this February? It's none other than our green heartthrob, the Hoya Kerri, aka the Sweetheart Plant! Let's spill the tea on this tropical cutie, where it's from, some fun facts, and how to make your own connection with it.

Straight outta the jungles of Southeast Asia ,Thailand and Indonesia, the Hoya Kerri is bringing those tropical feels to your living room. It's like having a piece of the jungle, but make it heart-shaped! 💚

Hoya Kerri Leaf

Love & Resilience:

So, why the name Sweetheart? Well, besides rocking heart-shaped leaves, this plant is a symbol of love and toughness. It's the kind of relationship you want, right? The Hoya Kerri is all about staying strong, just like a love that weathers all storms.

Fun Facts: 

  1. Waxy Elegance: The Hoya Kerri's leaves aren't just heart-shaped; they also have a waxy texture that adds to their allure. This waxy coating helps the plant retain moisture, contributing to its resilience in various conditions.

  2. Fragrant Blooms: As if the heart-shaped leaves weren't charming enough, the Hoya Kerri produces small clusters of fragrant blooms. These star-shaped flowers add a delightful touch to the plant and release a sweet fragrance, making it even more captivating.

Hoya Kerri Bloom

Care Tips for Your Hoya Kerri 🌱

To keep your Hoya Kerri happy and thriving, consider the following care tips:

    • Light: Provide bright, indirect light. Avoid harsh sunlight, especially during the hottest parts of the day.

    • Watering: Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. The Hoya Kerri prefers slightly drier conditions and is prone to root rot if overwatered.

    • Temperature: Keep your sweetheart plant in a warm environment. It appreciates temperatures between 60-80°F (15-27°C).

    • Humidity: While it can tolerate normal household humidity, the Hoya Kerri benefits from slightly higher humidity levels.

    • Fertilization: Feed your Hoya Kerri with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing phases.

Cheers to love, plants, and heart-shaped adventures! 


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