The Growing Trend in Kids' Parties- Planting Parties!

The Growing Trend in Kids' Parties- Planting Parties!

 As a mom, planning the perfect birthday party for your child can be both exciting and challenging. You want an event that's not only fun but also meaningful, educational, and eco-friendly, that's where the latest trend in kids' parties comes in, Planting Parties! These gatherings are taking the parenting world by storm, and here's why parents should seriously consider them for their child's next birthday celebration:

1. Eco-Friendly Party Favours:

Traditional loot bags often result in bunch of plastic waste. At planting parties, your child and their friends receive something truly special, a living terrarium planted by them! No more disposable trinkets that clutter your home and harm the environment. It's a unique and sustainable party favour.

2. An Educational Experience:

As parents we appreciate the importance of instilling environmental values early on. Planting parties offer more than just entertainment, they're an opportunity for hands-on learning. Kids get to repot their own plants, nurture their mini jungles, and learn about the environment, fostering a deep appreciation for nature.

kids planting party

3. Connecting Kids with Nature:

In today's screen-dominated world, it's crucial to find ways for children to connect with nature. Planting parties bring nature right into their hands, encouraging them to get their hands dirty and explore the wonders of the natural world. They will experience the joy of planting and learn about the earth in a fun and engaging way.


5. Encouraging Creative Expression:

Planting parties are not just about planting, they're about creativity too! Children can decorate their terrariums, allowing them to express themselves artistically. It's a wonderful opportunity for your child to showcase their imagination and take pride in their unique creation.

finished girl terrarium

6. Lasting Memories:

While the cake and games are fantastic, the real magic of a planting party lies in the memories it creates. Each child will remember their unique plant for a long time to come, serving as a living reminder of the fun they had and the lessons they learned at the party.


In a world where sustainable choices and meaningful experiences matter more than ever, planting parties offer a fantastic alternative to traditional birthday celebrations. They provide a blend of eco-consciousness, education, and hands-on fun that makes for a truly memorable event. So why not let your child's next birthday party bloom into an unforgettable adventure that aligns with your values? Book you planting party with Planted Souls!

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