Winter Plant Care for your Indoor Jungle

Winter Plant Care for your Indoor Jungle

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As the chilly embrace of winter draws near, it's time to shift our focus. Winter brings about changes that impact our green companions, so let's dive into the art of winterizing your indoor plants and ensuring they thrive through the colder months.

Adjusting the Watering

The winter months come in with a change in watering, and there's an extra twist when heaters hit the stage. Indoor heating systems can cause the soil to dry out faster. Keep a vigilant eye on your plants and the moisture levels in the soil. If your heater is cranked up, the heat could be causing your plants to work up a thirst. Adjust your watering schedule accordingly and ensure the top inch of soil stays moist. Overheated and thirsty plants are not a combo anyone wants!

Plant Watering

Navigating Reduced Sunlight

Winter means shorter days and less sunlight, which can make our plants a bit gloomy. If possible, relocate your plants to catch the maximum amount of sunlight. Rotate them periodically to ensure all sides get a fair share of the winter rays. You may also want to consider investing in supplemental grow lights for those darker corners. It's like giving your plants a front-row seat to their favourite winter sun concert.

Here are a few of our favourites:


 Cracking the Humidity 

Indoor heating systems can also turn our homes into arid deserts during the winter. Plants accustomed to a tropical ambiance may find this atmosphere less than welcoming. Counteract the dryness by placing a tray of water near your plants or investing in a humidifier. Grouping plants together can also create a microclimate of humidity, allowing them to dance through the winter with grace.

Plant-Specific Moves: Winter Edition

  • For Succulents: Reduce watering frequency and ensure they get plenty of indirect sunlight. They appreciate the winter slowdown.

  • Leafy Greens: Rotate them to capture as much sunlight as possible, and be mindful of drafts near windows.

  • Flowering Friends: Trim back spent blooms and provide a bit of extra TLC. They may need a bit of encouragement to bloom during the winter season.

  • Ferns: Keep the soil consistently moist, and mist their fronds to maintain the humidity they love.

Q&A with Our Plant Mama - Maria

Q: How do I know if my plant is getting enough light during winter?

A: Look for signs of stretching or legginess. If your plant is reaching for the light, it might need to be moved to a brighter spot. Consider supplemental lighting for those extra-dark corners.

Q: Is it necessary to adjust my watering schedule for all plants?

A: Absolutely! Each plant has its own rhythm, and winter is a time for them to slow down. Pay attention to the soil moisture and adjust your watering frequency accordingly.

Winterizing your indoor jungle might seem like a complex dance routine, but with a bit of knowledge and some plant-perfect moves, your leafy friends will tango through winter with style. Here's to a winter of thriving greenery and cozy plant-filled spaces!

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